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it looks real nice! i might need training wheels though or maybe i should look up the places

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Latest fix made everything work on Mac ! thank you !

silly request:

- allow a barrel roll

جميلة جدا


Been watching your game dev videos and love the idea. Only just realised the game was available here, played it and was not disappointed.

Love it - simple, beautiful, scope for more features if you choose to add them. Wish I had made this game :D

amazing game. i think the biggest "problem" (cause making this game is genius)
is that we can't not zoom OUT.  to REALLY enjoy the world travel.
the zoom in is too close.

Have you seen the map mode (press M)? For me that helps a lot to orient, to the point where I consider it cheat mode (but I'm also pretty good with geography, so I feel like I should know at least all countries if not the cities)

The Game is a lot of fun from deliverying packages to see the good graphics you are missing one thing and that is a map , I think if you added a map we would be able reach our destination quicker please add it if possible. 

Press M for map


It's fun! I've been watching your game development tutorial videos and you've taught me a lot, I look forward to each new video. Keep up the great work! Please put a version number in your installer filename so I know which one I have downloaded :)


Since the update from today the game won't start on mac. It instantly crashes. Even though I use it via Itch.. 


i have spent countless hours on google earth and will now proceed to spend countless hours on this game i love this so much thank you


I played this game on my channel, but it's honestly super embarrassing cause I have no idea where ANYTHING is. Still, feel free to check it out if you wanna laugh at my lack of geographical knowledge.

Thanks  you for fixing the Mac Version

I like Geographical Adventures, my video on it is here: 

Unfortunately the music got a content ID claim on it from ORFIUM (HEXACORP LTD)On behalf of: Soundstripe Productions.

Cool video, but watching this makes me feel there should be an always daytime (or also always nighttime) setting


this is why i turned music off and generally did not recommend including music in the game.

if someone wants music they have thousand options and a music player

if you believe the claim is wrong then its within your rights to dispute it.

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That is a very strange situation, the music is in the download but without the rights to distribute it?


I'm sorry your video got a content id claim. I will add a note to the description so others are aware, and try find a better source for music for future versions.

The license allows me to include the music in videos/games, but not to host the files on my own site for people to download, which is why it's missing from the github repo.

hi Sebastian,

i‘m a musician and music producer from Germany, currently studying computer science in vienna and I would love to write and produce you some game music for your new airplane-game. I love since your first YouTube video. I would love to do this for free. 

Pls contact me via mail: 

if you are interested :) 




Alright, so i played through the game and i have a few recommendations

1- add a minimap to help with orientation as its very easy to completely lose where you are or add the ability to go higher in the air

2- add a view ability with the mouse to look around and see if you can help find where you are or where you need to be

3- add markers on the ground for finding destinations so they aren't as obvious but so you can have any clue if you're dropping it in the right spot if you arent experienced

4- add difficulty levels so people can play according to how good they are at geography and how much they want to learn

5- add an aiming system as its very hard to tell if your package will hit where you want it too, even if you're right where you think you should be

6- add a country-only mode where you're looking for countries rather than cities

7- add a flag mode to help teach people the flags of each country, whether that be having to find a country based on its flag, or find a flag based on its country

8- remove the markers for places you've previously dropped to, they get very confusing in my opinion

These are all just recommendations on ways i think you can make your already good game even better and more accessible to a wider audience


Targeting is not too hard with a little practice. The package will land at the spot right at the bottom center of the screen (in default trailing camera view), just as the spot passes from view. This seems to work regardless of speed and altitude (although I have not tried to make a drop while boosting, so I make no promises there). You can also switch to overhead view to make the drop, but I find switching views tends to disorient me, so I pretty much always stay with the default view.

I kind of like the level of challenge that the game has now and am not keen to see it watered down too much. Specifically, I'm not eager to have delivery target markers on the ground, except perhaps for a tutorial mode, since the whole point of the game is to force you to memorize country and city locations if you want a high score. If the game told you exactly where to go next, you lose that challenging memorization aspect, and it just becomes a matter of following waypoints and hitting space when you fly over the marker, which is not really a challenging enough gameplay loop to hold most people's interest for more than a few minutes. 

(That said, night deliveries already have markers of sorts for most cities, assuming you know the city's general location. Your target city, at least for smaller countries, will tend to be the brightest lights in that country. And when it isn't, you just make a mental note that that city was not this blob of lights but that other one over there.)

I think a better "easy mode" for the game would be to have a mode with pickups only (no deliveries), that just counts how many balloons you manage to pick up in ten minutes (or whatever). That might be a little more accessible for people who aren't already big geography buffs to get into the game and start gradually learning the countries, since you can see the balloons from so far away.

I think some of the difficulty mods you suggested would be really helpful. As someone who's alright at geography, there were a few deliveries I got that I could barely even hazard a guess at. And when I dumped them off, thousands of kilometers off-target, it wasn't obvious where exactly it was supposed to go. Some different difficulty options could help players learn the map as they progress from easy to hard.

i start it up and it won't even show the intro screen properly. the propellor hardly moves and the menu is mostly unresponsive.
try to change the settings (maybe computer too old) and it is stuck there as well.

version 1.0.5
imac retina 5K 4GHz Quad Intel i7, 32 GB memory AMD Radeon M295X 4 GB

Sounds like it's trying to use the cpu or maybe integrated graphics for rendering rather than your M295X graphics card. On linux, I have a much slower graphics card (MX150) but by using the 'primusrun' command (which makes an application run on the card instead of on integrated graphics) and passing -force-opengl as an argument/parameter to the game, it runs smoothly at high quality.

Maybe running it with -force-opengl already helps? Else I wouldn't know how to fix this on macOS. Good luck!


no worries. the previous update fixed it for my mac.
i can get it back to unresponsive by upping the resolution.

either way it's all good now. 

Hey I will be playing this live on twitch around 5-5:30 PM EST

idk how to download it 

it is just a zip file and its just a folder

You need to unzip the zip file and then inside the folder you need to find the “.exe” file. Click on it and the game will start. Alternatively you can create a desktop shortcut of the “.exe” file by right clicking on it so that you don’t have to search for it each time. Hope this helped!

I cant find the .exe file. maybe im unziping it wrog?

I really can’t figure out what the problem is. Maybe try sending a screenshot of the unzipped folder and I’ll see if there’s anything wrong. Personally for all itch games that I played there has been the .exe file idk. You could also include a screenshot of the way you are unzipping it

First i press extract all then its geting unziped? then i open the folder and dont find anything with .exe then if i press on geographical adventures this messeage pops up. Im sure im doin somthing wrong

Windows will show this message because the game is very niche (new indie title), and so this exe file is mostly unknown to Windows Defender.
You can hit the "More Info" shown there and click "run anyway" and the game will run.
Only do this with files you trust though

It’s not because of the game it’s because of windows defender. You are doing everything right unzipping it and you are indeed clicking on what you should click to launch the game. I think you need to tell windows defender that the game is safe because it is and indie title and it might consider it dangerous. Archxn (the comment before me) already wrote how to do that. Hopefully you can finally play it now!


Would love the city names to gently appear, when in close proximity
Works on iMac i5

Love the thought process that you share. Inspiring. Thanks.


Nice fun game. Is it possible to have double ultra wide support? 32:9, would be great to play this game at 5120x1440

Also Android/Apple versions to play on a Tab would make it a great hit!


That music is so relaxing. Love this game. Maybe it would be useful to have a little label about in which country you are (for begginers at least). But good job!


Game is great for learning Geography. Looks beautiful too. I wish we had this in school. I would only like to have more mods like easy (best known cities), moderate and hard (least known cities). Because that way you could progress better and learn more


Thank you for fixing Mac version! I am loving the game and have one suggestion going forward: an option to turn off day/night cycle. I've been running into a bug where occasionally turning to day puts it at ~dusk so I have to keep turning back to day, and even when the cycle works properly it can still sometimes strike at a time where I'm trying to scour the ground looking for borders.

I have a problem from Linux where the game it's blocked at the loading screen and idk why


Here’s the game running on a RTX 3090 at 4K Max Settings

of course, just flex on us plebs.


This would be perfect for mobile devices. Are there plans to release it for android?


What an absolutely beautiful game! I've watched your progress on YouTube, and it has been so cool to watch this game evolve. You and your videos have inspired me to learn coding so I too can make my own games. Thanks for sharing!


This is such a fun game, especially for geography nerds, it's incredible how much work you put into it!

Some things that I thought of are-

1. In the top down camera angle, I think it would be nice if you could easily freely rotate the camera

2. The timer was quite confusing at the start of my playthrough, tbh I didn't realize that it existed until it told me that time was up

3. A way to scroll in on the map without having to click zoom in or zoom out (either with a mouse or maybe arrow keys) so it'd be easier and allow for more options

4. This is so cool omg

I'm happy you like it, thanks for the feeback!

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I love the game, but I’d prefer an option to disable the timer. It ruins the tranquility by adding a subconscious pressure to perform well because there is a scorecard at the end of the countdown.

Maybe this was part of an update, but have you seen the "continue in endless mode" button on the finish screen? That will let you play without timer.

I have seen that, but the pressure is subconscious, and I don’t want to have to play fifteen minutes before I start really relaxing. I seldom get much more than fifteen minutes to play anything at a time anyway.

I know it’s ridiculous, but I used to fire up the game when I had ten minutes of down time, just to unwind. Now I haven’t played it in ages because it just doesn’t relax me like it used to.

Instead of being relaxing, there’s a little countdown and the knowledge that at the end of fifteen minutes my performance will be evaluated. It’s like writing a test instead of chilling with friends.

Haha same about the timer! I got that finish screen all of a sudden and it reminded me of the good old GTA1 demo CD where it would cut out after 300 seconds. On the next run I saw the timer and couldn't believe I missed it entirely the first time around :)

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Hey, just so you know, theres a fault in the mac package that has the executable set as non runnable. You'll wanna get into the /Contents/Macos and chmod +x the executable. It wouldnt hurt to get it code signed either, as some folks might not know how to get around the unsigned block on the mac. FWIW , your best bet is to package it as a DMG instead of Zip, as ZIP can mangle permissions.

Thanks for Updating 

I know making it was a quite a bit of work 
and a hole lot of coming up with the code to make things happen 

I love the game, if you are thinking about playing it, do, you will love it

Had to use Itch client on Mac to get it to work. But what a lovely game! Therapeutic and cool. Great job.


perhaps you could use 2 images of the flag for the balloon? One would be a mirror of the other so that there are no breaks.

Hot air balloons occasionally spawn in the ground, or otherwise out of the range of height in which the player can actually fly.

Hey, I think what's in your screenshot is a city marker. They show up after you've dropped off a package to show you how close you were. 

Sometimes the task list gets bugged such that ghosts of tasks you've already done are visually stacked with the current task, making them hard to read (screenshot below). I'm not positive, but it may sometimes be caused by picking up too many packages before delivering.

Hi, could you please let me know what version of the game you have (visible bottom left in the main menu), and are you on windows, linux, or mac? 

Version 1.01, Windows. Is there a newer version available?


Yes the latest version is 1.05 which should contain a fix for this problem.

Thank you! Downloaded that version and did not see the bug. (Also set a new high score of 1650, more than 200 points higher than my previous best.)


Really enjoyed it!

Amazing game. I love playing it but here are a few suggestions.

1. A multiplayer version would be amazing were you could race your friends to try to deliver as many packages as possible 

2. A way to zoom in or fly lower

you can fly lower by pressing s or w unless you mean lower then you already can

just says loading for 3 minutes in linux version.

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Works here on Debian. Maybe people could help if you posted what the console says, any error messages, system info... I'm sure you know the drill


Really relaxing and enjoyable game. Thank you for creting this.

Just have some suggestions:
1. A free camera to look around while flying.
2. The parachuttes and red markers should disappear after a while.
3. During the night the lights show the locations of cities but there isnt any indicator for locations during the day.
There is also an issue where Morroco overlaps Western Sahara in both the map and game.


Tried in Windows 10 and 11, in both the game is not is everyone else using such OS opens it?

Note: The game is downloaded and extracted from zip folder successfully.

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i have the same problem and i have no idea how to open it

me too

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