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This game is truly stunning! Watching this project on YouTube has been a joy!

GeoGuesser quickly came to mind when I watched your videoes. I do not know how feasible this would be, but from a gameplay point of view it would be really awesome to have a multiplayer version where you would compete against others in delivering packages, similar to how you guess the location given to you in GeoGuesser. 


Amazing game! thank you for creating this!

I am thinking of this from an educational point of view, but it would be wonderful to have a mode with:

1. name of the current country the player is flying over

2. be able to pause without the pause screen and be able to view the terrain of the current location.


Great game! Very mesmerizing to fly around. A few suggestions though:

- Being able to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the map instead having to use the button.
- Add flags for the countries at the top of the screen

They're just small additions but I think they'll make the game just a little bit better.

Great game, I really like the amount of effort you put in! Would be cool to see it ported onto other platforms like consoles or mobile. 

in its current state its not really great to be released as a proper game


Nice game, nice videos, nice everything ! Keep the good work up :D


what would be a cool feature is to make the world much bigger to get that feel for flying across the world, and you could make an airport to start off where you could take off. And maybe if you were considering multiplayer, it could be like a dogfight or a race mode. Just a suggestion

incredible work Sebastian!

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Make a hint button to center the globe-map at the delivery position. I get packages from countries I didn't know they even exist and then spend 5 minutes hovering with my mouse over every country in the world.

Small Island Groups are hard to hover over and I am never sure if they are part of the country next to them or individual countries.

I like the game and maybe it could teach me some geography but I need those QOL features. Please. (also show the deliveries in the map screen and make the same "package landed here, city is actually there"-line in the gameplay screen.


AMAZING little game, can't wait to test this out on my 5yo. 

Few notes: 

- please make the map globe turnable by controller, right now it responds only to mouse

- maybe an easy mode, where you have the paths drawn (so i can explain what is where while we're playing, also a little flag in map mode that pops up along with the name

this is all just lovely and wonderful, mad props to you sir

just gonna say thats kinda bad game design. i get that its for your kid but its just not great for the overall game and community

Really great game, just wish I could learn more while playing, I currently find it hard to understand where my package was meant to go when I get it wrong


Minor bug: there is a country that has a different name in the "press M" globe map than it has in the list of countries to drop off to: East Timor/Timor Leste (respectively). I think both names are considered acceptable, but it would be better if the game could pick one or the other in order to not be confusing. You can see it when I am making the East Timor/Timor Leste delivery in this video from about 11:00 to 11:45 or so.


love putting my flat map geographical knowledge to the test on an actual globe. something nice i'd like to see in the game is a faster way to change your plane's speeds, however. i think that double tapping Q and E would be a nice way to instantly cut or max out your speed! would make for nicer flying.

thanks for the game, i'm playing it a lot more than i expected to!

When I download it for mac and open the app it says it can't be opened. How can I fix this?

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open terminal in macos

 chmod +x ~/Downloads/Geographical\ Adventures/Geographical\\ Adventures

in security & privacy on macOS allow the app 

and launch

Hi, thx for the response but I can't seem to find the app in "Security and Privacy" What's wrong?


Update: sorry for the misinformation, I hadn't tried to open that app yet but now I have and I can say it works. Thank you

Big file size but I did expect that amazing game by you :) Good Job I can't believe you did this all by yourself


First flag I see is my country, Syria!!! Great game!!

For some reason, in linux version all of text in this game dissapears after one package delivery. 

Works for me on Debian, maybe posting system info or console messages might help the author to reproduce this...


hi, I was wondering if downloads existed for the project in it's state after the first and second video, it would be quite fun to see how it it developed in like a tactile way while watching the vids


Hi, you can find old builds here (windows only):

I have the issue that, when pressing none of the movement keys, the plane always flies to the left


I can't get it running, when I download it for Windows, it becomes a ZIP-file. Someone help me please!


Rightclick and unpack the ZIP-file. Then open up the new folder and run " Geographical Adventures.exe"

Thx, I will try when I get back home!


I feel like a stats tracker would be great to add a mission to the game. Just something to look at that shows how much you've done. It might have total packages delivered, distance traveled, closest packages, furthest packages, fastest deliveries. Also, I think the boost was a great addition to reward deliveries but maybe some sort of currency to spend on certain upgrades, like a line that shows you the fastest way to the country, or a marker that shows exactly where the city is(unless this makes the game too close to a tycoon game which might not be what you want). Overall a great game and is definitely gonna be even greater

you can see all of those but they are in the settings menuwhich is odd. so i understand. pause and then click stats

Running on Win10 x64, quite smooth at 2k at least, very chill mood.

Only bug I noticed was that pressing the spacebar in the map screen will result in the package being dropped after exiting the map. That aside, I have some suggestions:

  • It's not clear what the destinations at the top of the screen are for when there are no packages to deliver (I'm still not sure they serve a purpose at all). And it wasn't clear that multiple packages could be held (or in what order they would be dropped). I imagine some interface changes could clarify that.
  • Since the U.S. seems to have each state's capitol as a drop location (and considering the sheer size of the country), it would be nice to see state lines superimposed as well. There aren't many spatial cues otherwise. I imagine this may also help with other geographically large countries.
  • I think pressing the boost key when out of boost should still make the plane go at it's non-boost max speed. I found that I'd rather leave the plane at a slow speed and speed up infrequently, so using the boost key to sort of toggle between speeds even when out of boost would be useful.
  • I kept wanting to place markers on the map when I was in a vague location. If you could use the dashed line to indicate a path to a marked location, that would be neat (if not a bit cheat-y). May also be nice to be able to toggle off country names in the map. Otherwise, I suppose the compass is sufficient.
  •  Somewhat inspired by the mention of OpenStreetMap in your video; it'd be useful to add major roads to the map. It's almost easier to deliver more accurately at night given the city lights, but during the day, there are no useful population indicators. Having the option of toggling roads and lights could help out less geographically inclined players or challenge more experienced ones.

There are arrows next to each location, up arrow meaning picking up a package, and a down arrow meaning dropping off a package. And in the game it says it will drop off the package that the drop off is closest to where you are dropping off. I agree with all of your other ideas.

Ah, guess I missed the explanation, although I think the UI could have more obvious context clues. Fair enough at any rate.

i placed a comment on how he could teach the player to find the places without out right telling them. people wont really actually learn if they just look for a name on a map and follow a line. should be one of the newest comments.

Hi, this is very nice, very useful to show the scale of earth to kids.

in term of gameplay, it would be nice to be able to pause the game without screen popup when we want to stop for a moment to show a detail on the map.

the maximum zoom out while gaming could be much higher as well to better appreciate the overall location of where we are and appreciate a bit more the look of your earth.

As well I tried to find out how to put a marker on the map to reach a specific location but I could not.

Thanks for this and the videos on youtube, quite impressive.

I really want to be able to change the controls, especially since my laptop doesn't have a return key and the escape key to change it to night conflicts with the menu

My PC is too weak to launch the game. Was very excited to try this as I've been following all the development progress. Can't wait for the graphics settings and optimization for lower-end PCs. You're doing a great job, Sebastian!

Oh, the game is superb and perfectly minimalistic! It is awesome if you need to chill out.
Thank you!

I'm really confused why Sebastian removed the Mac version of the game.

Scroll down and see the Mac complaints.

Loving this!!! I can't describe how much I have waited for this.

On Linux (Mint 20.2), it works great all the way until you deliver the first package, and then all the letters disappear.  

Loving the music, the map, and the minimalistic playable mode.

Did you run into any issues getting it to work on linux? Im on ubuntu 20.04.1 but just get this when trying to run it:


$ ./Geographical_Adventures.x86_64

no boot config - using default values

[UnityMemory] Configuration Parameters - Can be set up in boot.config





























Oh, yes,  but the I run the game using the itch app and it works without any problems. Well except for the bug but no more lunching problems :D

hope some developers who familiar with MacOS joining the project. I really love this project (How to do videos for coders, publishing game for kids)!!!

I noticed while playing that the USA has the capital city for each state as a possible destination, which made the game much harder for me, because i'm not American. Other countries only have the capital city. Loving the game so far though.


Crashed my M1 mac, in the process undoing all my unsaved files.

Ruined my whole day.

One thing about this app is that after the mac restarts, the app is still open, so there is this loop of crashes which is hard to escape.

Mac users beware this app is more dangerous than some viruses.


Hi! I had a suggestion; could you implement a way to access the map that doesn't involve pausing the whole game? This would be useful if you are making a long trip and want to check where a certain country is without stopping the trip in the process. You could maybe make the map translucent while in this mode, so you can still see where you're going. Thanks!


Had the same permissions issues as others here with Mac. Now running from itch app, successfully launches ~1 out of every 4 launches (crashes every other time), runs great for a minute and then freezes and crashes my Mac again. Very hopeful this can be patched


I'll look into it!


Same here with me! My mac completely shuts off! Nevertheless, I don't regret supporting a creator!

This game looks amazing, however, it lags so much I'm unable to change the settings to where I am able to run it decently on my Mac

(1 edit) (+2)

Won’t launch on my Intel Mac running 12.3.1 (Monterey). Seems to be a sandbox issue as it tries to write to /<homeDirectory>/Library/Biome/streams/public/AppLaunch/metadata

app can’t be opened

I have this exact issue, the problem can be fixed by opening the contents of the app and opening the "MacOS" folder you will find an executable, if all you see is the executable being a blank page then follow a tutorial to make the file an executable

The thing is that even when I follow the tutorial, Terminal says "No such file or directory found"

same :(

make sure you're in the right folder

you can do this by right-clicking on the application in Finder and "show package contents" 

then navigate to Contents -> MacOS and you'll find the executable

now type "chmod +x " in terminal (don't enter it yet), and drag and drop the executable from Finder to the terminal

after that it should work

Really nice idea. The Game is sadly freezing when running on my m1 MacBook Pro 

same here

I really enjoy Sebastian's dev-logs, and I downloaded the game to play it on my mac m1 pro. But sadly it's not working on it. Hope you can fix this soon, I'm really looking forward to playing it.

I was very excited to test out but it doesn't launch on my Mac mini :-(

If you downloaded the game from the itch app it should work. Otherwise when I tried downloading off of the website I would not work.

Kinda weird on mac

Absolutely brilliant game. Im loving it so far, one of the best things is that it's educational but still fun to play.

Playing on version 1.01 on macOS the rather charming music seems to have vanished.

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