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This was a great idea, and a fun little game!

I  hope you'll do your source release on Github or Gitlab; I have a feeling this could become quite a fun and educational open source project if you wanted it to.

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Yes, I know; I'm asking specifically about releasing on Github or Gitlab versus just a zipfile.


he'll release, it says in the video


in the second video's description

Yes, I know; I'm asking specifically about releasing on Github or Gitlab versus just a zipfile.

 I got full marks in geography exam. Greetings from Turkey.

Some good additions could be a compass, so that you don't get lost as easily, and a spotlight at the bottom of the plane so that it is a little easier to see where you are at night for the dimly lit places.


yooooo it finally released!! i have been waiting for this to release! I've been watching all the devlogs and could tell this was gonna be a good game! 


I have some feedback for You Sebastian. 

First, most important, thing - the game is just AMAZING!!!

On things that need fixing:

-my 21:9 monitor had some issues in main menu - full screen/windowed toggle was entirely hidden behind "back" button

-during flight, the pause menu was hard to read, letters were gray and behind them were thin white stripes.

-add some minecraft-alike music to it!

-a compass is in order

-maybe add a noctovision in the night? In some places during the night it is completely dark

Good luck and have a good day sir!

Add other planes that fly freedom


I think it would be great if the citys you already missed would appear the whole time so you could actually learn where they are or somethin'


Downloading is not very easy


its bc of all the pron on your pc

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i am just asking,


isn't it easy

come on man you just need to click 2 buttons

3, but ye, lmfao


Good stuff. Awaiting to see more developed version.

Also, slowing down the airplane when doing flyover would be useful as well as some kind of map (I am sure that is already on your list).


can anybody help me with downloading this game


Click on the BIG red download button which says "Download Now" on it with white text

and then click the really visible gray link which says "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"


it doesn't work for me on MacOS Catalina 10.15.6


Follow these steps - 


Doesn't work on macOS Monterey 12.0



Amazing! Love it. 

It ran with on my standard M1 Mac Air with 8Gb RAM quite well. Just had some minor FPS drop now and then. 

I just had the same issue as mentioned by other of the destinations UI disappearing after the first package was delivered. But the world you created is such a joy to view. I would love to slow down, enjoy the view, learn about countries/cities. Maybe even the stars. 

the game is great, but I would turn down the exaggeration a bit because when you fly over like Hawaii it just looks bad and not very much like a largely visited holiday island


so beautifull great job and your videao are so cool


Very nice start. On a Mac (Big Sur 11.6) I could not see any way to access the top-down view. Also the text disappears on the menu buttons, and after you drop the first package there seems to be no way to get a new city.

Stylistically it's very cool, although personally I think the Z-index is a little too exaggerated.


can you make this a web game please


Hi Sebastian, some ideas to improve gameplay: 

1. Continent, country, and city names with respect to LOD. This would really make it a top notch learning experience for geography.

2. GPS coordinate display on UI 

3. Under plane view to see package release and a temporary camera UI overlay that follows the package until touchdown.

4. Buttons that execute exciting plane maneuvers, ie. loop, barrel roll


100% agree with No.1. An exploration mode with countries and cities below the plane would be awesome by itself.

Further ideas for the gameplay with packages:

- Distance of package from actual location

- Some sort of pin shooting up in the sky showing the city so you can see it from the inclined view

- Back mirror view to see package land in inclined view

- Keep city name displayed until new one has been selected


Was kind of fun for ~5-10 minutes, but yeah.. definitely huge potential to be a fun little gamified way of learning the current world. Hoping that the country names would be shown in a fun way in a future update. Maybe instead like it shows the name of the country under the plane in your video, could also have an option to have a map variant where all the country names are written over them - bigger the country bigger the font (or just have the country name appear when flying over like revealing it from a 'fog of war') and maybe even add other info for those countries too (nationality, flag, capitol name, etc. in the corner of the screen somehow). 

Gameplay wise it would be good idea to have an option for a compass (something that leads you to the 'target', even if it wouldn't show directly but just '# meters away' as you try search for it.) I like the idea for speeding up, so maybe for accurate 'package bombing' could have a key (CTRL) to slow the plane down and make a little dot on the map where the package will land. To keep people engaged more, could have a scoring system of some sort, or just plain old upgrades (see what I did here har-har) so perfect deliveries unlock plane types/colors/trails and such. 

Personally I didn't like the nighttime orange city lights (and them matching country borders) but its a good idea to show population spots somehow like that. Maybe some option to set the time as you fly (having sun always be positioned static with the plane - morning/noon/evening/night)? Also could have an option in the menu that keeps the world 'real-time' using system clock. World height-map is a little too funky and needs to be toned down, as it makes some tiny islands be just spikes, and sudden elevation of mountainous areas does not feel natural at all (I'd honestly be more comfortable with the world being much more flat once the clouds get added in). 

Game run fine for me without any complications (beefy specs, so no idea how it would be on low-end system). Needs many more options (resolution/keybind change to begin with), some sound (plane engine rattle / chill background music loop) and a proper UI (both menus and in-game). Otherwise I wish this project all the best and hopefully it will shape out to be a fun little game in the future. Would definitely buy it again for a proper price once it gets fledged out, and preferably a Steam release for a future handheld experience ;)


it looks so charming and fun! too bad it is way to laggy to play on my macbook pro? any advice?

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It will not run on my 2010 mac, which I guess is pretty obvious. It would be cool it there was a system to, check the specs of the system. Then take those specs and have a quality control. So it can actually open, on older/less powerful computers.

I would really like to try it, it looks very cool.

Honestly, the visuals are amazing! The idea behind is great too, can't wait to see where this goes!

this is AMAIZING


there isn't much gameplay (yet) but it does look sick ! would love to have custom keymapping tho, and maybe some graphics controls, like enable clouds, being able to play with the quality of the geometry, etc...



On windows 10 whenever I star "Geographical Adventures.exe" it doesn't start and instead it freezes my file explorer. I don't think that its due to my PC being bad because it pretty good for games like this. Hopefully it's going to be fixed as soon as possible.

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how is that a bug, the game is still a prototype, so there's no optimizations yet, this game eats 2 GB RAM. (did you unzip the entire file?)


I love following Sebastian's channel and his tip are really handy so let's see where this series go's.


Please add a compass. Navigating the world is difficult enough.


why does it crash on my mac :( i can't even open it 

i have the same problem, but on windows. My file explorer just freezes and i cant do nothing with it so i have to restart it. Hopefully its fixed soon.

إبراهيم الهلالي : it would be great of the moon was always following the night side because its too dark , also the reflection of the moon and the stars on the water would look sick

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Some changes I would make:
- Add settings to adjust graphics
- Toggles to enable clouds between none/static/wind-driven
- The ability to land when the plane flies too low, to better enjoy the scenery
- Freecam with arrow keys
- Score counter based on accuracy. Something like score += 10 - max(round(log(1.585, distanceKmFromTarget)), 0)

genius. custom keymapping would be cool too


why Flight Simulator if you can play Geographical Adventures

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Nice little game with a lot of potential into making this game really cool!

I'm a junior sound designer and if you want sound in your project let me know I would love to add some sounds to the environment and plane and of course homemade music!

Overall, this is a neat project, loved the feeling of going through different countries

Hit me up if you are ever interested :) 


You can put specific ethnic music or anthem in every country. When you flay above some country and drop the package, you listen to that song during flight...

Suggestion and bug: There should be some sound! (suggestion)

The text disappears for me (on mac) (bug)


Loving it <3

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I am loving thissss, I'm glad you posted the project publicly. Just one thing I'm having trouble with - sometimes the top-down camera isn't oriented properly. I'd looveeee it even more if you made it so the camera always has North at the top of the screen. Thank you again for posting this lovely gameeee :)

Left and right arrow keys will rotate the camera in top-down view.

Ohhh, that's odd. Well I suppose I don't really need my mouse for the game anyways. Thank you for the tip!

My biggest issue was I could not accurately drop packages from the normal view (not the top down) many times my package would land 10-60 km away from my intended target.


When looking straight ahead, you should release your package when your target is at the very bottom of the screen. A marker below the plane might make that more obvious though.


I have a mac book air (2019) and whenever i try to open the game it says 

"The application “Geographical Adventures” can’t be opened."

can any1 help me? thx

Use another unarchiver like 'The Unarchiver' on the app store

Just unzip the file normally and add executable permissions of "Geographical Adventures" file

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thanks vLew99 that worked for me - instructions below for those new to permission setting:

you will still need to allow it to run in the security system preferences depending on which MacOS you are running...

This is a great game, especially for a geographically minded kid like my son. One problem is even if I know where the city was the plane often was traveling too quickly to drop accurately on it, and for costal cities there was a high chance of dropping it in the soup.  A bomb sight would be nice. Also the top down view  was a little disorienting  when it was not aligned with North. Some sort of rotate view while top down function would be nice.

Somebody just replied to my comment about the camera thing, apparently you can use the arrow keys to change the camera if it gets messed up! :)

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Running on 64-bit Linux (Lubuntu). 

Error Message:

Set current directory to /home/chr/Dokumente/Geographical Adventures/Geographical Adventures

Found path: /home/chr/Dokumente/Geographical Adventures/Geographical Adventures/Geographical-Adventures.x86_64

no boot config - using default values

Unzipped using arc, tried chmod +x and a+x. Both yield the same result. 

Additionally: The Win-Version with wine works, but there are issues with rendering texture and the sky is plain white. Would love to see, whether the Linux-specific would work better. :)

On Win10 works fine and is really fun to play :)

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