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Where Do i open It? you comment as u know (Thx:D)


unzip, allow the application to run (depending on your OS different ways), play :)


do i need to install Unity?

you dont need unity to launch the game


Definitely needs some sound. Feels super empty without any.

Music on top of the sounds would be nice too.


Hi, Sebastian. Enjoying your game, mind if I create a soundtrack for it?

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hi, i just played the game here's what i found tough, people that are bad at geography, it's hard for them to find the places, obviously im talking about me. so it would be awesome if there is a 2D minimap available on screen that shows the locations of the both plane and drop locations. and i think it would be great if you consider my request and may add airforce planes that follow and attack you if you missdrop a package in a wrong location and you can get rid of them by flying fast or by attacking them. the oceans looks fake, when you fly by them you can see the deformities of the sphere, that isnt how oceans look and i know you know that too but comparing it with how land looks, oceans look too fake. and it'd great if there's a option available to change text sizes.

edit: here are some more things that can be improved, night sky is too dark to fly in, some dim light around the plane will be awesome.


Runs great at full res on MacBook Pro M1. Issues I noticed on this platform are the names of the dropoff destinations only appear at the beginning and never again, making trying to find anything but the first destination an international guessing game. And the in-game menu has no text in.

Really great work Sebastian, I enjoy your videos.

same here with MacBook Pro M1

same here, only the first mission is visible, after that all the texts disappear.

Yes, same here.
Love the game, runs really well on MacBook Air M1.

After first dropoff new places don't appear on screen nor is there text in the in-game menu. You can't still drop packages but you don't really know where.


This was an amazing game. It would be so good as an educational tool in classrooms. Great work! 

I absolutely love the game! I know I'll spend hours flying around!

I hope that in the speed of the plane can be slowed down or controlled in the future as most of the time I find the speed a bit to fast. 

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Awesome! I praised it on YT, for the general atmosphere, and I still do. Allthough, now that I played it, for me personally, it's missing 3 minor changes:

  1. A compass (so I don't get lost).
  2. A "learning" mode, where conutry names are overlayed (to get us noobs restarted in geograpy)
  3. The ability to turn off night time. (It's sometimes too hard to navigate to.)

Thanks! GG!

(lol! saying 'gg' to a game developer has a different ring to it!)


When I dropped a package somewhere along the south side of south America it said i missed and had dropped it in France, I know I was in south America because my next package was Mexico city and that was right.


I am pretty sure that you dropped your package in French Guiana, which is an overseas territory of France located just north of Brazil - that or you just missed South America and your package hit Martinique or Guadaloupe, but most likely the former.

I just realized you said the South Side of South America - oops. I don't know why this would be then. Are you sure it wasn't further North?

actually, reading my comment i am an idiot. I meant to say south east.


It's great fun to play, and works well on my PC once I turn the resolution down from 4K, but that's more an issue of my lacking gpu.

Some gameplay-related issues/suggestions:

Especially at night orientation can be hard. A compass would be great, there were times when I was flying around until I found a familiar shape of a country to gauge which way I was going

Slowing down would be great

hello, i played with a macbook pro 2015 and after sending the first package, the UI disappears.

I can't choose anywhere to send the package, and when I pause it, the words on the buttons don't appear. I don't know if it's a bug or it's because of the mac

same here, mac air M1 chip

i use macos monterey

Locked 240FPS with 1070 Ti and 3700X.


The only major issue is the fact that after flying through any of the poles camera un-norths itself and its really confusing

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Here is my ideas for cool things to add to the game as you said you were neglecting gameplay - 

. A practice mode where you can fly around delivering packages to countries so there could learn the map but it shows country names and maybe cities 

. Then an option to go into the regular mode that you have already created to use what they have learned from the practice mode

 . A timed mode where you get given a place to deliver a package and depending on what time you do it in and how close you get it you get bronze, silver or gold and if it takes you too long you fail

 . A cool cartoony menu as I really like the style you have created for the game 

. I like the idea that the clouds would slow you down a bit so there would be something too slow you down in the timed mode but it wouldn't really make sense in the other modes

 . More obstacles in some of the modes like other planes but not in the timed one because to point of that would be to see how fast you can remember where a place is and get there 

. Showing famous landmarks around the map to make it easier for newcomers to geography and as a way to remember places 

. Some sort of stats tracker (not exactly sure what it would track but it would show your improvement which would motivate you 

. Seems like a small game so I don't know if loading screens would be needed but maybe loading screen tips that would tell you facts about places that could maybe help people find stuff 

. Maybe a hard mode where borders are taken away along with landmarks for people who want to fully test their skills 

. This game on steam with all of these features and hopefully more, I've seen some other really cool suggestions in the comments (I would easily spend money on this game like it was triple A so please make that happen)

. Customisation options, but not ones you have to unlock. From previous experience having to unlock things makes me burned out because when i have them all I feel like I have no reason to play. However, games without unlocks give you a constant reason to play, getting better at the game

I've seen lots of people suggest that you just fly around with the country names there to learn the countries and stuff but that isn't really fun, that's just looking at google maps but having to press more buttons so I came up with these ideas. I love coming up to creative ways to solve problems in game design without outright telling the player what to do (not saying I'm good at it) so if these were added it would make me feel happy.


One of the best games I have found in a while. Thanks for creating this masterpiece.

Deleted 320 days ago

Thank you.

Thanks, this helps...

I love your work but I have to remind you that showing country boarder lines in an entertainment product is putting yourself at risk with many political issues involved.

I suggest separating the map by continents or some abstract areas.

Showing the goal city's names without countries might help.



Runs flawlessly on GTX960 4Mb + i5-4460 @ 3.20 + 16GB Ram


Thanks so much for sharing. The game is beautiful and your videos are freaking incredible.

Lots of great recommendations for potential additions here already, I'll add a couple of my own:

- Some kind of dramatic 'drop cam' would be nice so that we can watch the package fall and see where it landed. I find myself desperately turning around to see it falling and how far it was from the dot. Maybe you could even draw a line between the package and the destination (in case someone is reaaally far off).

- Increase the ceiling height even more so that we can get a better perspective of where we are.

- Bring back clouds and weather! That looked amazing, and it would make it a real challenge if the wind slightly interracted with the package and/or your ability to fly.


Id really suggest to make it so the more populated cities are more likely to get and the less populated cities are less likely to get, and also if you already did a city you won't get that city anymore until you restart the game, and you should add a red dot under the plane so you know exactly where your going to drop the package. There should be a free cam feature so you can just look at the planet.

Unsurprisingly it runs at 60 fps with my RTX 2060 i7-9700 CPU and 16gb of ram. 

If you hit Q you can look from the top down which helps with aiming

amazing work man!

inspiring work SL!

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It fails to run on MacOS Monterey 12.1 (not M1). Is there anything I can do to run it?  🤔


Sorry, it was standard macos archiver which broke the app. Using Unarchiver works :)


Thanks for the tip! I was having the same issue.

Maybe get a proper PC lol sorry, im not an Apple fan.

Sure, once there will be one 😃👍

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  • User Unarchiver
  • Open Finder
  • Highlight the software you are trying to Open
  • Press “control”
  • Right “Click” & Select “Open”



    This is great, thanks. Any chance of a simple 'discover' mode; no packages, it just highlights boundary you're over and shows the name up top?

    Would be a great way to learn for kids.


    Just one more comment: Yellow airplane blends with city lights when looking from above when flying at night. A different color of wings could make it more distinct and clearer for night flying.

    So, I've started to fly around and got mission to Melbourne, Australia, while I was around Antarctica I've found some islands that had too strong heights


    nice one Sebastian, been wondering where you went for three months lol

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    Amazing game, you've got a great base here, the videos explaining everything were amazingly enjoyable just by themselves.

    I know you haven't put a lot into the gameplay still so I'll try to give a few ideas there. For me at least, it was rather difficult figuring out where I was, specially in large masses of land or water, or at night. I think a compass could help a lot, knowing where north is could be enough, if not you could even have a mini map, or something more simple, a radar that bias faster as you get close to your destination.

    Aside from that you could play around with having to pick up something in a country, and dropping it in another, some turbos, gas, countries in war that try to shoot you down, this could also become a great dogfight game.

    Keep up the great work, I will definitely be keeping up with it :)


    The game already looks awesome!

    I get a bit lost and wasn't able to find the continent i live on (Europe).

    Maybe a Training could be added where the continents and cities have names and it starts with simple missions to just deliver to the right continent and later to popular cities. It could also be a game mode to just have popular cities.

    Maybe you can get some inspiration for the gameplay from people playing GeoGuessr on YouTube.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for providing a linux version!


    Fantastic Game! 

    Features I'd like:

    Ability to slow down plane

    Camera control(able to look without turning)

    Ability to show point where package will be dropped.  

    Some kind of light source on the oceans (ships?Oil Platforms?)


    Sometimes the correct location isn't shown(or is obstructed by city lights?)

    Stars are very sparse and barely visible

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    Loved the game!!!

    -Intel Core i5-8250U
    -AMD Radeon 520 (2GB)
    -4GB ram ddr4
    -windows 11

    My laptop doesn't have any problem running it
    keep it up bro :)


    gameplay 1/10
    visuals 10/10

    Hey so I just bought a copy of your game before watching your video all the way through and a couple of problems appeared.

    I'm looking for a game that teaches geography and "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" just won't cut it. Your program fit the bill almost perfectly, well, at least the version of it you showed at the beginning of the video did. The version I got when I downloaded it really won't work for two reasons. Up does not equal north when in the top-down mode, and the names of nations don't appear.

    I wish you had different difficulties. Like easy could be Up equals North for top-down, with names of nations appearing, and Medium could be no names of nations appear but Up still equals North in top-down mode, and hard could be no top-down mode at all and no names of nations appearing.

    Runs great on my 16" MacBook with M! Max, but I did need to run it through the itch app.

    The font sizes are all messed up on the menu screens though.

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    Great game, i was able to play smoothly and fluently on my computer.

    • AMD FX 8350 Eight-Core Processor
    • ASUS GTX 760
    • 8 GB RAM
    • Windows 10 (10.0.19043 Build 19043
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    I played for a while, had a blast as a geographer and GIS student. Using Windows 10 on a Lenovo Legion laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 and the only performance complaint I have is that I don't see the stars at night - I only learned about them in the comment section here. But atmosphere at day seems fine, the yellowish tint at the horizon changing into blue.

    As to suggestions: It would be nice for the marker of correct location to stay on for a while longer, so that we have time to manouver around and find it. 

    Maybe it would be also useful to rebind controls: speed up and down to W/S and altitude change to e.g. Z/X. It feels intuitive in the game to press W to speed up for me, more than to change elevation.

    I believe the game has huge educational potential, but for that it'd need more labels on the map as we fly. The GUI could have the name of the country we currently fly above displayed either around the goal list or even by the airplane itself. Maybe also a "regional mode", where we choose a limited selection of cities available as goals, would be possible - so we can fly only around a single continent or have only country capitals as targets.

    Overall great experience and a fantastic, little, relaxing game I love it.

    I too don't see the stars


    Great game! A bit large for a game this simple but it makes it absolutely stunning!


    It's not simple at all though!


    They mean from a gameplay perspective


    But the size of the game has no relation to the gameplay.


    exactly. That's their point.


    I'm so excited to be able to play this! I've been watching your updates on this for a while, and it's stunning :D

    I thought I knew my geography until I played this lol, it's proving very difficult. I think you do lose your way quite quickly. 

    A little sad to see that the clouds were removed, they looked like a fun touch to see them disperse as you fly through them.

    I love that you added the ability to see from different view points, and also to fly up and down. 

    The game runs smoothly on my PC, and I have a pretty rubbish PC lol, I have Dual Pentium, GTX 710, 16gb. 


    The nightime lights seem a little too bright, and also too large, maybe they could be minimized so they dont look blurry and disorientating. 

    Perhaps a little compass off to the side of the screen which you can toggle on/off would be nice.

    The country boarder black lines are also on the large size, especially when you fly down towards the earth, they appear almost the same size as the plane.

    Ability to slow down the plane

    Light up a red circle around the area your package dropped


    Some kind of point system, which will start of giving points for delivery proximity, and as you progress through levels, the delivery proximity field would decrease.

    Would be really cool to possibly unlock different plane types also as you progress.

    Maybe could also add a bonus for the speed of delivery too

    Could even add a pop up with info of the Country upon successful deliveries.


    Absolutely ENTRANCED by these videos! Please keep going! <3


    OK just spend the last 30mins giggling whilst flying around and have some feedback.

    1. Would like to see some variation on speed with altitude. This goes well with your whole 'accuracy' model as your ground speed increases whilst maintaining similar airspeed at higher altitude.
    This then allows us to speed up and cruise to our destination and then slow down and descend for deliveries.

    1a just thinking too, that maybe speed is linked to aircraft type and as you get more points you get better planes and can travel further :D

    2. It's very hard to currently gauge when to release the package. Combination of speed and camera angle I assume.
    Flip side of this was me almost jumping out of my seat when I got a 2km drop distance ;)

    3. City lights at night (IMHO) are too bright or perhaps the light points are too large. This is more obvious is remote areas where there are fewer lights but they have the same brightness as the city.

    Looking forward to the next video!


    When I drop a package all of the UI in the game scene disappears, is it just me?


    Don’t mind about it, dropping packages is secondary ha ha

    Same here. No luck fixing it. On a M1 Max 16" MBP.

    Same here on an iMac M1

    same in macbook pro, intel and with macos monterey

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