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meh, i dun have a credit card

it is literally free

i didnt realized


Very cool! This game can be used for teaching students on the subject of geography. For the camera, I would like to have added the ability to rotate the view with the mouse. Plus set the destination points on the map.

How can I play it please, I have the files but don't know which to open, pardon my ignorance, I don't download games from anywhere outside of the store

I just installed it, can't believe all I had to do was install Winrar, well, I prolly have the poorest scores though, since I don't know on which spot to drop the packages.. I'm sure I'll get to know this thing. Beautiful game :)

I Love this Game!

How did you install please?

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Just click "Download Now" here or on the app click install below.

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This game is amazing. I have a few ideas for it.

- Infinite Mode; fly without a timer and unlimited boost (or maybe hot air balloons with them)

- Unlockables; maybe different designs,trails, even planes

-  Other planes, boats; extra planes and boats in the water will make the game feel more alive (amount of planes can be changed in settings)

     - Crashing into another plane will give you one if its packages

- Roads/highways with cars

- Clouds

- Pinpoints; be able to go to the map and place a pinpoint

     - Also, when I go to the map, the 15 minutes timer keeps ticking

- Altitude; when you go high up, it gets darker, depending on where the sun is

- Weather; Rain, snow, and similar stuff in areas that get that weather

- Game modes

     - Crowded airways; deliver packages with lots of other planes flying around

     - Strict Lands; Land the plane to deliver packages without crashing

     - Package frenzy; Hot air balloons give 1-3 packages and each has a certain amount of time to get delivered

- Difficulties

     - Easy; everything the game has now, plus pinpoints and names

     - Medium; same as easy, besides pinpoints and names

     - Pro; same as medium, besides compass and map names

- Mouse support; map the controls with left and right clicks, scroll wheel, and forward and back buttons

(if it helps, I'm running on Windows 10)

you should add some clouds 

Greetings! That's a beatiful one, well done! I just got one simple future request, - can there be a non-game mode but just flying? Would be nice to have just the plane and the terrain on the full screen! I would need that for my geology video as a nice animated background. 

yeah that would be cool



I enjoyed playing the game but after some time it stopped showing all the text! I was playing via Itch on Ubuntu 22.04


bro uses ubuntu

nothing wrong with that tbh

My ideas as a game developer. (not the best a coding but I enjoy game design)

The Base for this game is already amazing so more similar content would only make it better so I hope you are still working on it.

-Name the current mode infinite mode

-Have multiple modes.

-Have multiple difficulties (specifically for infinite mode). My ideas are Learner, Novice and Pro.

 Learner would have landmarks on the map to help orient themselves and get and understanding on where they are, they would also have an arrow appear for a short amount of time when they collect a package pointing to where the country is, and they would also have the option after a time to abandon their package in hopes of getting an easier one an easier one, they would also have access to the map but the map would not have names on. 

The Novice would have the same features as easy mode excluding the pointing arrow and the land marks.

The Pro would have none of those features.

This would mean that even if the player is new to geography they can teach themselves without being told what to do but having things to help.

-Ideas for modes. Package Plus, Flag Finder and Flying Frenzy.

In package plus your employers have payed for a package plus subscription so they can get their package faster. You are given 3 packages to collect and deliver and are given a score based on distance from point and time.

In Flag finder, the rules would be the same as infinite mode on pro difficulty, however, all of the countries have flags covering them instead of normal terrain and you have to find and deliver to the country based on its flag.

In Flying Frenzy, all of the planes are in a rush. This mode is also the same as infinite mode but there is other planes flaying around at various speeds that you must dodge while delivering packages.

-Cosmetics. From my experience playing games in this style, I think unlockable cosmetics make people stop playing. People unlock all the cosmetics and think they have done everything and have no reason to play. So, I think cosmetics should be unlocked from the start but there are special ones that are achieved through milestones. Similar to the gold weapon skins for headshots in call of duty. There could be many of these as there are lots of things that could be customised. (Music, plane trail, plain pattern, pattern colours, Hud maybe, boost trail, boost sound, plane sound, package looks)

Also players in infinite mode (and maybe others) should be able to choose between always day, always night, half day/half night, or time changing as you play.

Also maybe add boats travelling around as it would make the game more lively.

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Everything runs fine on my mac. Thanks for the great game and can't wait to see what updates we all see in the future!

Edit: My computer is a mac, so im not sure what everyone is talking about when they say the game doesn't work at high res. It works ok for me.

Hi, how do you select which place you will drop off? I play on mac as well but when I try to select the number (for which I have to press shift) the plane just goes faster and it doesn't actually select the place?

great game! but i wish you made a thing were you have to land and press a button to get the cargo out!

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Great game! wish there was an option to turn off the country names and only show the city as maybe a hard mode, just having more options in general would be nice. Also would love and option to just play endless mode right off the bat. Also wish you could go a bit higher. I don't really like how the letters on the compass rotate so they always stay up though, liked it better before, it looked more natural. It's a small detail though so doesnt really matter. Having a game mechanic for daytime to incentive playing in it would be nice too, right now there isnt really a reason to not just skip right to night all the time.


lol Ive watched the yt videos and have (tried to) test it myself. My potato of a mac drops to less then 1 fps and crashed my whole pc when using this game jaja. Looks amazing though!

Ah, that's a shame. What Mac did you try this on? Just curious really as 1fps is something I can't even replicate on my Intel Mac.

On my 2018 Intel MBP, first running at 2560x1600 was around 25-30 fps ish. 1680x1050 hit 60fps. While the highest resolution of 3360x2100 was around maybe 20fps.

However, on my Mac (base M1 mini) 1440p was hitting 60fps without a hitch. Gradually tap up the resolution and I can see the performance tail off and at 4k, I'm seeing maybe 20-30 fps.

I was about to pop here to thank the dev for the Mac compilation and Apple Silicon support.

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Macbook pro. 2016 edition im pretty sure

also sorry for not replying sooner

Very nice game a lot of fun. But i had a bug where the interface text disappear when i deliver a package. but when i worked i had a lot of fun and i like your videos.  


I’d like to find places easier. I understand the approach of geographical adventure to find places on my own, but using the controller it’s hard to find small unknown countries. Maybe the continents name could be added as a hint to find targets easier.

Overall it’s a great work, nice controls, great graphics and a lot of details that make a really enjoyable game composition.

sounds like a skill issue.


I have a question, I play the game on Mac but don't understand how to pick the place (probably because shift makes the plane go faster)
I remember that I managed to do it somehow a while ago but either don't remember how or it's now different.  Anyone has any tips ?

use space

yes, thats how I deploy the crates I understand that, however I can't do that unless I first tag which of the 3 places I want to drop it at, which I cannot do since the numbers on Mac can only be used with shift (which speeds the plane up). I was wondering if there's a way I could press numbers on Mac without using shift?

But thanks anyways <33

I've downloaded the linux version to my Ubuntu 20 machine, but when I run it all I get is a black screen with "Loading..." and theme music. Nothing I do seems to show or change this loading screen or the music. I have to force its exit. 

Am I missing s

Hi GordK

I just set the permissions on Geographical Adventures.x86_64 to execute and it works perfectly



why doesn't work it? :(


why doesn't work it? :( 

your in 2d?

Hi! I saw all your videos and in your last one, you said about implementing a globe so that we may localize ourselves. I think that's a really great idea, since I've spent nearly 5 minutes trying to figure out in which continent I was. If not a globe, a plane map would do. The game is really good, congratulations for your effort! I am oftentimes amazed at how much time you spend in making the videos and coding the game.

Keep up with the good work! Hope you can win some money with it soon.

Hit "M" to bring up the globe. Looking at the globe will stop your plane's forward movement, but the 15-minute clock will continue to tick.

Super cool to be able to experience it for myself after watching you work on it in your videos! The hardest part is figuring out where I am! :)

I get this message when trying to launch the game:

The application “Geographical” can’t be opened.

I'm running on a 2019 M1 Mac Mini with 16GB of RAM running 12.4 (21F79)

(+2) fixes my issue!

Great game, very fun to play and utterly amazing to actually be able to fly over the world, get used to its topology, true shape and size. Keep it up, this game is fire

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Hello, really nice game! It's very relaxing as well! One Bug I found by the way: sometimes the texts just disappear suddenly and all I can see is blank screen with GUI with no text! Here's a screenshot of the Settings page:

By the way, I played it on Fedora 36 Linux

 Also, I would love a Sandbox Mode, which would give unlimited boost (or at least we can collect it like a power up or something on the map like balloons in normal mode) so that we can explore the whole world properly! But, I think it should be locked in the beginning, and the player needs to unlock it!


Noticed there was a new version (1.07), but not sure what the differences are (don't know where patch notes or whatever are to be found). In any event, I tried out the new version and managed to crack 2k points for the first time ever (11 out of 16 perfect deliveries). 

Pro tip for players: manually switching between day and night (bound to Backspace and Enter by default) is key to getting a really big score. Day mode is easier to orient yourself where you are (easier to tell the difference between land and sea), whereas Night mode shows you exact city locations (the blobs of light), allowing for more consistent "perfect" deliveries.


Ive gotten a couple emails about this game updating, but I cant find where it tells me the changes that were made? where can I find that?

there is no change log. the big differences since v1 is bug fixes, translations and gamepad support

ah ok thank you

The game is really cool, but can you make it so that I can look around using my mouse without turning the plane? It would really help.


For linux, I need to run most unity games with this command to get >3fps performance (it otherwise uses the intel chip instead of nvidia):

primusrun './Geographical Adventures.x86_64' -force-opengl

And don't forget to chmod +x the executable to be able to run the game at all. @SebastianL this could also be set in the zip distribution afaik


does this game work on windows 11 or do you need any apps to  run it



it will just work, just unzip the file and run the .exe like any other app :)






Love the work being done here. Really has a nice feel and visuals and has tons of potential.

I know you asked how to make this game more playable. Here's what I'd recommend as an app designer and 30yo who has played many games in my day. Hopefully you can see my enthusiasm and take it as constructive criticism. I tried to leave out any smaller details or bugs as not to distract from the bigger picture:

  1. Consider removing the mouse as a controller. The only thing that currently uses mouse is the map and the menu. The map could work ok showing just the current country you are flying over perhaps and allowing the WASD to rotate the world and highlight other locations. I I would really love to see a waypoint placement option as it gets really disorientating. OOOOh, I just realized there was controller support when checking something, that feels even better.

    if you are going to use a mouse you should let me click on things while flying as I inherently tried to do. Also holding a key and looking around freely would be very useful for orientation and the feeling of exploring
  2. The speed toggle is finicky to use. say I just flew past a weather balloon at max speed and now I am trying to turn around. On KB&M I'm trying to turn and also change the speed at the same time making it difficult to hit the target since I can't easily hold both left and downspeed key at the same time with my normal finger placement. I think a better and more user friendly approach would just be to have a button that toggles on max speed+(any boost). And then another button for airbrake that goes even slower than your slowest current flying speed. Normal flying speed feel comfortable around 50-60%. Typical gameplay would be fly to rough location quickly then hold airbrake while dropping the package. Perhaps holding airbrake could also change the camera angle and show a targeting reticle for the package drop location (that would be a huge gameplay improvement).
  3. Is it possible to show the dotted line connecting where you dropped off vs correct location in the real world. I love the idea of the map but it kinda sucks to have to open all the time to get that kind of feedback.
  4. Bonus points for delivering at night would be nice since it is about 10x harder for me. Consider changing the city light orb size to be 10x smaller or have at least 30% more opacity. They visually distract from reading the landscape too much currently
  5. The airplane graphic on the compass is cute, but consider changing it to just an arrow starting at center point an pointing at the direction. I can't currently just view the compass out of the corner of my eye as those wings on the plane icon are massive and look like pointer arrows. Alternatively plane could be 4x smaller as not to distract.
  6. I wouldn't consider myself great at geography but better than about 95% of the people I meet. This game can still be really hard (which is ok but not in a fun way for most wanting to learn). Would you consider adding an arrow to show nearest rough droppoff location? Perhaps the arrow would disappear within 1500-2000kilometers of the final location? make sure to add some randomness from center to throw off being able to fly in from multiple directions to get exact center.
  7. Show the results from the end screen while I'm playing. If you don't want to clutter the normal UI add it to the map view. 
  8. Consider midscreen text popups being more general as well regarding dropoff distance in addition to the detailed view below. for example: "PERFECT", "GOOD", "GREAT", "OOPS". It gives it a nice rewarding feeling.

Great feedback, especially the last couple of points. Might try to implement some of this myself and open a PR.


This is a great game. Just one thing, when it comes up with "Cape Verde" a set of islands, off the coast of Gambia, it comes up as "Capo Verde" Just a little thing, but thought it was worth mentioning. :D

The official name of the country (and the name of the country in portugese, the official language) is ‘Cabo Verde’, Cape Verde is just the english name (and both Cabo Verde and Cape Verde are considered correct in English)


Thank you for the education, :D That makes a lot of sense.

Mac OS Catalina... unable to run it. Anyone have any fixes pls? Thanks


open terminal

type in this


cd Applications  (if it is in your applications' folder, if it isn't, just drag it in)

cd /Applications/Geographical\ 

cd Contents/MacOS

chmod +x 'Geographical Adventures'

now open it, if it says it can't open because of unidentified developer, just open system preferences,  go to security and privacy and just press open anyway under the general tab.

Worked for me, hope it helps!

Mac OS Monterey on a MBP 16 inch 2019. All i get when trying to run  the game is "The application “Geographical” can’t be opened."   


open terminal

type in this


cd Applications  (if it is in your applications' folder, if it isn't, just drag it in)

cd /Applications/Geographical\ 

cd Contents/MacOS

chmod +x 'Geographical Adventures'

now open it, if it says it can't open because of unidentified developer, just open system preferences,  go to security and privacy and just press open anyway under the general tab.

Worked for me, hope it helps!

thank you, it helped me


I got the download link off the purchase email, but when I click to open the game it says no application avalible to open the game?

  1. what operating system are you on? (windows, mac, linux, etc.)
  2. What file are you trying to open?

its downloading now but looks great!


Really good (on Linux)! Amazing and an education in world geography, good for all ages.

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