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EPIC TOOL. Suggestions tho:

Maybe a way to edit, delete, or preview chips, like for example hovering over the chip in bottom bar while holding alt will show a preview of the wirings inside. I kind of mess up some of my NOR and NAND gates and all I can do for now is either create a new project or go into the save file and delete the component there. 

Looking forward to the video series and improvements to this tool!

Thanks! Will try add those things when I have some more time to work on this.

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What's the setup like if one wanted to play around and try to add their own custom features? I've never really dabbled in modding or with unity, so any and all advice/help would be amazing. I've been looking through the source code but I assume a lot of the important stuff I was expecting is handled on the unity side that I can't see. (Edit: I should clarify that I'm fairly experienced programming wise, particularly with C#)

How do I find the save file? I really want to have a look at it.

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i download the game from (HERE) not the source code but how do i run the source code? (also the tip did not work....)


Love this tool! It's super useful. I've got an idea you might want to implement: when creting more than one input/output it adds a decimal representation next to the inputs/outputs, however the number represented is always positive. How about adding the possibility of it being negative without having to have an extra bit to represent its sign? The numbers for 4 bits would be as follows, and I am sure you can deduce how it would be for a bigger o smaller number of bits.


I think it would be a great improvement because with this system you don't have to create special units to work with negative numbers, instead you only have to rethink the way you read the numbers.

Once again, amazing tool, and thanks so much!

Happy you like it! Will add a two's complement option when I have some more time to work on the tool.

How do you create the input and output I'm very confused.

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it will be cool if you can snap the selected input/output in a grid when you press a button. Anyway this is very cool :D

I want to state how much I absolutely love this program even though it is nowhere near finished, I have been searching for a program like this that just gives you total freedom rather than a rigid step by step program

If you indend to update and continue this (which I really would love) I believe that the next thing you should look at is better organization of the created circuits visually; maybe something like a file system or at least separate custom groupings. Also the ability to delete types of circuits would be nice altho probably very buggy

If people want premade chips and so on there is a program called Logisim

How do i add input buttons and output lights?

I sooooo want to play with this but I keep getting "download forbidden" :(

Try to download it from the app and if that doesn't work try a different browser.

ahh thx leme try that

how do you turn the simulation on and off like in the video about how computers remember, and how do you get it to display the numbers on the side like in the exploring how computers work video

see comment here:


is now a good time to say thanks, lol

Thank you so much for this tool, it's a very nice idea to combine a bunch of logic into a chip for easier use later, it makes things very simple.


Feature Request:

Deleting/Editing Schematics.

I accidentally made a mistake with a component that I wanted to correct. The only way to do this from within the program itself is to start a new project.

Oh boy, I certainly wanted to play around with this!


man... this is brand new; many expectations for this project!! i will be watching and hoping for best; good luck :)))

Is it some way to get the negative numbers on the side display like you had on the video?

In the instructions it says there are bars on the left and right to add inputs and outputs but they don't show for me :/ 

(i'm on mac and i downloaded it using the desktop app)

I've made a change to try fix this, could you please download the latest version and try again?

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i realized that because i have a 1680x1050 screen, the bars were off the edge, and nothing's wrong with it. (wow i feel dumb lol)

Nah that's my bad, I should have set it up to handle different aspect ratios properly!

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this is so great! already excited to be able to "edit" existing chips :) I followed along with both your videos and made the little 4-bit counter. excited to see where you go from here! :D

Could there be a windowed mode? I would like the ability to view documentation online while using the program.

I doesn't run on Mac OS Catalina

Could you try downloading again please, I've made a change that'll hopefully help. You'll need to open it by right clicking > Open (not double-clicking) then it should give a warning, but allow you to open anyway. Alternatively, if you download it via the app ( it'll work fine.

I can't figure out to run it, can anyone help? I  have unity installed but see no way where to run.

After unzipping the files open them and go to: Digital logic sim (whatever operating system you're using) -> Digital logic sim, then open Digital logic sim.exe

Epic! Always wanted something like this but easy to use and being able to create my own chips and stuff, I have 2 suggestions though: X and Y axis lock for my mouse cursor, and/or a grid system for the wires, chips and inputs so my brain doesn't want to commit die when i don't place a wire 100% correctly haha

hello sebastian

Hey, this is fun. The fact that you progressively build upon the old by simplifying designs into new pieces makes this very interesting. It might be a good concept to build a game with goals on.

you should also be able to change the commands you saved

Yeah, you should also be able to delete them


You can delete or modify chips in %appdata%..\LocalLow\Sebastian Lague\Digital Logic Sim\SaveData\SAVE_NAME_HERE\CHIP_NAME_HERE.txt


I have gone and read some of the source code and wanted to make a list of keybinds and stuff as a reminder for myself so i decided to also post it here

- Deleting chips and wires :

for chips select it and press either the backspace key or the delete key

for wires only put your mouse over it and press again the backspace key or delete key

- Reading pin names

hover your cursor over the black part of each pin and press left alt

note that this works for both chips and the main pins

i changed my hotkey to be able to take this lmao

- Cancel placement of wires and newly placed chips

when you click to place a new chip it will follow your mouse cursor

same with wires, to cancel that press Escape or Backspace or Delete

Those were the useful keybinds i found in Scripts/Interaction

Going to read the SaveSystem.cs and possibly try to debug with dnSpy to find out where it saves the files, expect updates in the replies

No need for debugging as i found a manual page for the function

Application.persistentDataPath :

At the Windows editor and standalone player part it gives us a path which we can paste in explorer to the point of 

- %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow

Then we need a company name and product name

company name is sebastian league because thats the developer

and then product name should be the name of the program

Then if you read the code again it will show that the program makes a directory for saving named 'SaveData' and some useless logs

In the savedata folder there is your project names, if you want to share them only copy this folder because this will contain wirelayouts and etc etc

Found it kinda slow because i have never worked with c# rip


it would be nice to have this in the game in a little informational panel. perhaps for future updates

Does  this have a homebrew cask?

This is an amazing tool, so much fun to use!
Only problem is, there is no delay between gates so i cannot make certain things, do you think in settings you could add a delay slider or something along those lines?


Thanks! Will consider adding options for propagation delay.

I *think* you can make a delay with a binary counter and it just loops and then hook the return value and ul have a pulse


I was wondering, where the save files were saved? I don't seem to be able to find them.

Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing it with us !



Found it !

For other people wondering the same thing, it was located at  AppData\LocalLow\Sebastian Lague\Digital Logic Sim\SaveData

Would it be possible to make it so you can edit existing chips or at least delete chips? I am not talking about the chips you place to connect them with wires but the chips saved on the bottom of the screen.

There is a way to delete the chips you already made but editing them would be painful because you have to work with text files and not an actual editor, anyways

- Close the game

- Go to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Sebastian Lague\

- Open the folder with the game's name

- Go to SaveData

- Open the folder with your project's name

- If you created that chip it should exist as a text file :

Example : ALU.txt

- You can open that and look but if you want to delete just delete that text file and open your save again

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This is neat and could become a great learning tool. Some user friendly suggestions, though.

Some way to delete modules or wires. Currently I have to delete an input or output just to remove a wire.

Maybe a "Reset" button so you clear everything on screen and start again

Simulation speed of the wires like in the video you made recently showing how the signal travels slowly through the wire (this may be harder to do)

Editing of created chips.


you can hover over a wire and press the delete key to delete that wire, you can also do the same with chips :D

oh nice. I didn't know that, wasn't in the instructions haha.

yeah i found that myself lol, it'll prob have more improvements in the future

you can press backspace when a chip/wire is selected to delete i

you should display some controls, like deleting stuff and creating new modules


maybe you should add a import/export system so people could make a basic starter kit or somthing

This is great! Maybe a way to run it in a scalable window so you can splitscreen it with something else?

This is really awesome

It's really scary to see my cpu jump to 100% usage when i launch the simulation, I would highly recommend you look into this before something happens.

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Takes up 30% of my CPU, doesn't effect me but i see how this could be a big problem for larger projects.

Nothing else is running in the background, its just this program. Did you change anything in the files after first download? Even in just the main menu without any open projects it just grinds my cpu on all cores. 

when we will get linux ?


Linux build is up now

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I can't seem to open it in MacOS, any tips?

I am also not able to open the App on macOS big sur.

Here is the pop up message of macos (in german):

du hast nicht die benötigten zugriffsrechte um das programm zu öffnen big sur

It should work if you download it through the app ( Something to do with signing... I don't really understand the issue. If anyone knows of something I can do on my end to make it work that'd be great!

It works now, thanks.

How do I add the number displays you show in the video?

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I'm afraid it's not possible at the moment. Will see about adding it in a future version, just need to think of a reasonable way to add it to the UI.

EDIT: I've added this to the latest version. When hovering over the bar where you add the inputs, you can now press the + key to add more inputs to the group. These groups will have a display showing their decimal value. Still need to add an option to show the two's complement value though.

Mabye a way to edit/delete components too?


Thanks for making this available! I loved the video! I plan to let my kids play around with this.

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Thank you for releasing this! Having to create every unit from scratch is very interesting.

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