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last chance supermarket needs to be updated

Ok me hizo gracia el final v:
Ta buenardo le falta es tunear el carrito y unas ricas nenas v:

This game had me running around, killing people.. Doom couldn't compare xD

I played this game in a video I did of Funny Games to give us a laugh in difficult times, telling a story of the difficulties of 2020's lockdown as well as coming out of lockdown. It's the second game in the video 😁

This game was a little bit of fun, well executed, good job! 👍😁

What would make it cooler is if it had more levels and that you could choose and difficulty, but I loved the game! (Here's my gameplay on it)

wait whats the unity3d file for

Deleted 1 year ago

it is for the unity web playerthing i t think

Cool and very fun to play! I actually play this game every christmas, merry christmas everybody!. A very comfy and a fun to repeat game.

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Thanks for the lols

Hahahaa.... its hilarious when they crash each other

There's no time! We have to get our shopping done now! Last Chance Supermarket is the only store left open on Christmas eve!


Fun short game! It was interesting! 

We had a TON of fun playing this game! It's so addicting!

this was fun

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