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Completely freezes linux to the point I literally can't input anything, and have to force restart my computer. Had to install something called LibGLU as well. Any fixes?

This game was fire, keep it up!

Gameplay at 4:25

last chance supermarket needs to be updated

Ok me hizo gracia el final v:
Ta buenardo le falta es tunear el carrito y unas ricas nenas v:

This game had me running around, killing people.. Doom couldn't compare xD

I played this game in a video I did of Funny Games to give us a laugh in difficult times, telling a story of the difficulties of 2020's lockdown as well as coming out of lockdown. It's the second game in the video 😁

This game was a little bit of fun, well executed, good job! 👍😁

What would make it cooler is if it had more levels and that you could choose and difficulty, but I loved the game! (Here's my gameplay on it)

wait whats the unity3d file for

Deleted 3 years ago

it is for the unity web playerthing i t think

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Thanks for the lols

Hahahaa.... its hilarious when they crash each other

There's no time! We have to get our shopping done now! Last Chance Supermarket is the only store left open on Christmas eve!


Fun short game! It was interesting! 

We had a TON of fun playing this game! It's so addicting!

this was fun


Crazy yet fun little game!

EXTREMELY great game, had some fun just messen around, I also kinda like the music. Graphics are Good and Controlls are great!

This game was pretty fun to play, I did not manage to complete the game, and I got a bit frustrated at it, but overall it was a fun experience.

I had a play of this the other day. I thought it was a lot of fun and very novel as I can't recal playing anything like this. Top notch devs


This game was so much fun!
I was christmas shopping like a mad man!

This game is CRAZY hahaha


I AM SO GOOD AT THIS GAME. jk, I love this game anyway so plz watch that video I need views and subscriber. Overall, I love the way this game working. The mechanism, the graphic (I'd say that because I never playing triple a games in my pc), funny, and overall making me raging out XD. Keep it up dude I love ur games :D 

Review by SlyfingNeed.

Surprisingly I didn't find this game quite that rage inducing but rather simply hilarious. I had a blast playing this game and spending way to much on stuff I didn't need so truly an accurate representation of holiday shopping. I did make a small gameplay video for it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! 

dou wu zhi wa mie hao

Awesome fun little game!

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this game needs MP :D

That was really funny and slightly hard (nearly raging sometimes)

How do I download it? I also have windows but idk how to do it


make it for windows...pls


I've tagged the windows file.


how do u play

this is the best game ever i play

This was such a fun little game! I enjoyed it!

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