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Hi Sebastian!

I am a scientist who studies soil water erosion in Argentina. This occurs due to deforestation, and consequent replacement of forests by crops, among other factors. With the results of my research I would like to present my model in a dynamic way, as it appears in your demo. It would be a real terrain (I have the digital elevation model), with real erosion, real weather conditions, etc. Do you think we could develop something like that? Contact me! my mail:


His code is open source under the MIT Free Software License.

For business inquiries his business email is available on his YouTube channel's about page:


which version of unity is this project made in?

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There's some sort of problem, at least in the windows version (which i downloaded): it's just a flat plane that won't get affected by anything.

watch the demo

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I had the same problem. Height-slider would raise and lower the plane but it stayed flat.
It uses compute shaders, and I was running on a machine with bad graphics acceleration (a VM). Running it on my gaming PC worked.

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This is also great for folks learning about Perlin Noise. The sliders allow you to adjust various inputs in the algorithm. Thanks for making it available!


Will we be able to extract the result as a heightmap in the future ?

(If it's already possible i didn't find any way to do it. )