Version 1.0.2

  • Added a 'bus' component (can be found in built-in section of the library). 
  • Brought back ability to add multiple copies of chip at once (click on the button multiple times).
  • Some bug fixes


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Jan 29, 2023
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Jan 29, 2023

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Bug, if 2 wires are connected to the same output, and one of them is on and the other is off, then it flashes, why does the output not stay on????

because it's getting two conflicting signals, one that tells it to turn on and one that says to turn off

what about prioritizing the greater input (1) than the lesser input (0)

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Hi! I really enjoy the video series so far: What I was looking for - helps me to understand computers from the ground up. Big Fan! Unfortunately it the App doesnt run on my mac (I'm on  apple silicon m1, 13.3 ventura)  Help is always appreciated :) cheers

Edit: it simply says "The application “Digital Logic” can’t be opened." 

Am I the only one who has the problem when an output has an off and an on input, it flashes between the two instead of staying on? I literally cannot even make an OR Gate, because it flashes between on and off, instead of just staying on


You can make OR gate like this


You can use nand gates to make an or

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Great game, and I love it, but while trying to make a RAM chip, I have realized that pins can only be either input or output depending on what side of the chip they are on. This is only a problem because I'm trying to use the same line to read and write data in and out of a chip.

Here I have a 1 bit read/write chip with the top pin being the data line, middle being write-enable, and bottom being read. I am trying to read the data in the register, but the "1" only is able to travel to be the input of the one-bit register, and not the input of this chip.

HOW get there and play it?

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The "BUS" component is unusably bugged. When multiple are used in a chip, one or more start randomly flickering and giving out signals, despite having no input. This issue doesn't happen if I replace them with normal cables, so it is obviously the buses themselves.

Also, more rarely but still sometimes, buses that have an input start flickering, when they should be stably on.

I have checked, all my buses have only one input.

There should be a more obvious input method too, like an attachment node at the end or similar.

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Are you not* using tri-state buffers?

Why would I use that?

I have ONE input to each bus, nothing more

because the tri-state buffer it have the disconnected state and if you go linked the bus with 2 or more sources so it will glitch but if you use the tri-state buffer it will solved

and if you didn't understand to me so watch this video:

Hello Sebastian, I downloaded the windows version only i cant get it to instal. i already try to start it in administrator mode but it just gives me the wait for it sign and then nothing..... what am i doing wrong? kind regards Bas

If you have an anti-virus it can flag it as a virus try to turn of you anti-virus software.