Version 0.25

Improvements in v0.25:

  • When adding input/output groups, a 'signed' toggle will now appear. This will allow you to choose if the decimal display should display negative numbers (using two's complement).
  • Added an options menu to the top bar (next to the Create button). Here you can choose how you want the pin names to be displayed. The options are:
    • Alt + Mouse Over (only show when mouse is over pin and holding Alt)
    • Mouse Over (only show when mouse is over pin)
    • Always Main (always show the main inputs/outputs – the ones you add on left and right of screen)
    • Always All (always show all pin names)


Digital Logic Sim 20 MB
Dec 06, 2020
Digital Logic Sim 20 MB
Dec 06, 2020
Digital Logic Sim 22 MB
Dec 06, 2020

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it says its free but i cant download


Can someone please tell me the controls? I'm so confused how to do certain things like adding groups ;-;

how to add groups

click 2 times or more

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um before you add anything. can you make a menu that shows all the controls and tips and tricks? also a way to delete the tabs below but can not delete AND and Not logic gates, and a way to delete saves. 

What is ment with the signed toggle and decimal display, where can i find that?

How do I transfer projects from one version to another?