A downloadable project for Windows and macOS

Little experiment with atmospheric rendering. Based on this.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorSebastian Lague


Atmosphere Experiment 42 MB
Atmosphere Experiment (mac).zip 43 MB


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for those wondering if you wanna try the solar system exploration you need to download the unity project on github and load the project on unity :)


Where can i download the whole space-game?




Can you walk around?


Linux build please



Incredible. Keep up the good work!


Linux build pls...


yes that would be nice

Don't worry - it works on wine!


Umm... I think I just created a black hole





how do we walk? Or can we?


how 2 walk around like in video that's really cool please help

how do I enter spaceship?

please help


You are rad.  

Thanks Sebastian.

    • Please release for linux too

    Yeah linux please.

    yeah, that would be nice

    The game works on linux through wine (I'm on Manjaro).

    Just amazing

    flipping awesome. tho i wish you could move the camera where ever you like.


    Absolutely Brilliant.


    This was awesome, makes me keen to get back to my coding adventures once uni calms down :}


    Your projects blow my mind. I love your work




    I dont think ill ever make anything anywhere near as good as this...


    Linux build?

    (1 edit)

    it runs with wine! However it is a flickery mess. I would prefer the unity file so I can play with it.

    I didn't have problems with wine, it worked perfect for me on Debian 10...

    do you have an Nvidia card?

    nah AMD

    But I got page fault 3 times while loading symbols and some other errors

    Please add 32bit please

    (2 edits) (+4)

    My mac won't open the .app


    If you're a mac user you must put the .app in your user/username folder and then execute in the terminal

    chmod a+x APPNAME.app/Contents/MacOS/*

    You can then put the .app wherever you want


    Thanks! I had to rename the app but then it worked fine.

    Thanks for not going for Compute Shader Approach XD
    Great work, Keep inspiring other Devs.


    wait you cant walk around?!?!


    Wow this is so incredible my favorite density fall off and scatter strenght are 21 and 21.1. :o this is just so incredible :D


    english please


    I just downloaded this right after watching the video


    which video??






    That's so awesome! I really like your work. Not only this, but your work in general.

    Especially the space part, as I have done also an universe simulation.