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glad i'm not the only one who thinks 'hollywood' is a verb that means stupidly dramatic :).

im a hacker XD



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Very Cool~~~


This was a fun and interesting game. I enjoyed playing it!

i learned alot about hacking thanks !


Great game, nice challenge and lots of fun!!

If it wasn't for the dang _ symbol I could breeze through the typing no problem. I think that's the hang up for a lot of people that pesky key you have to hold shift down for!

Hey, thanks for playing. You can just press spacebar between words instead of underscore -- sorry that that wasn't made clear.

Oh I had no idea that would have been super easy! d'oh!

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Oh awesome Sebastian Lague is here!

i would love to see the rest of the game i just find the typing too hard  i thinkl its mainly the alien characters im  not used to and bad spellling.


Very challenging! I can never get much further than "download more ram" - guess I need some typing practice.

Lovely music, and I like the way the character reacts to things on the screen.