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I designed a 7 Segment Display in Digital Logic Sim. So you can follow me on my youtube channel as a reward for my work)

suggestion: adding input into the top

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not not and?

Please, I need your help, I has downloaded the Digital Logic Sim (Linux).zip but I am not find in it the executable file. If there is another method used to run Digital Logic Sim in Linux, please direct me.

Try "Digital Logic Sim.x86_64". You might need to mark it as executable by right-clicking it, or running the CLI command `chmod +x "Digital Logic Sim.x86_64"`

thank you 😊

I managed to make a delay component that takes advantage of the delay added in by the game detecting loops, and I made a circuit that counts up constantly up to 8 bits!

(DELAY only has a delay on turning on, 2DELAY is delayed on both turning on and off)


Update suggestions:

Delete previous projects/chips in-game

Scrolling and zooming out

Resize window

In-game guide

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Guys, i finally made a proper working delay chip! You can add as many registers as you want and more registers = more delay.


Record more tutorials plz


Please add a display its will be a cool feature

it keeps showing me download error

Send a screenshot please.

its just text saying interrupted download error

its probaly your internet or a error

Are you installing anything while downloading the game?

no im not

That is weird. Maybe call IT?

Ok, so... how do i even launch the app thingy???

unzip it and open the application in the files

Hey is there any way you can make a  web version?

its a unity game, i think its easy to just compile to webgl or something like that, i will see if i can compile to webgl and post in

thank you some much that would be very useful!

Hi, is it somehow possible to get "inside" a chip once already "created"?

im unsure what you mean by inside please elaborate. do you mean edit?

Yes that's correct, to edit or at least preview. I mean when I click "create", the circut seems to become a black box, but maybe I am missing something


So when I go to create an or gate it will either not work or give me a gate that is defiantly not an or gate.

And other gates will be created properly at times and other times they won't b

if you send a screenshot i might be able to help, it might be the version

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Great program but cannot load 'Saved' projects.. on my Linux System. The projects are there and saved?

/.config/unity3d/Sebastian Lague/Digital Logic Sim/SaveData

But on Loading saved project, I just get a blank project?

I have Unity Hub for Linux installed and run Unity Games OK?

Linux Mint 20,Ulyana base; Ubuntu 20.04, Kernel: 5.4.0-99 generic x86: 64  Desktop: Cinnamon 4.6.7  CPU; 6-core Model; AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Many thanks for all your efforts and really interesting code and projects mate... Good work...;-)

make an rpi 4 port of this


Can you create a Android Mobile port of this?

Love the programm, made the same in Java but you could not create new "chips" you just had the basics.

Someone make mods to this?

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I downloaded the game and I only got 1 folder. Can anyone help me?

First download the file, and you should get a DigitalLogicSim(version).zip file.  (Assume "version" is your OS.)

A zip file is a file that usually has multiple files within it (and is useful for reducing size of the files.)

To extract the files from the .zip, you need to right-click the file in your file browser, then click "Extract All".

For other versions of Windows, you might have to install a tool, (such as 7-Zip or WinRAR), to extract the file.

If you are on Linux, either use commands in the Terminal, (like this) or if you are on a more user friendly version of Linux, (such as Linux Mint) simply right-click the file in the File Browser and click "Extract Here".

Hope this helps.

I see no way to delete chip names in the bottom menu. Also, a good addition would be a grid or a key to restrict traces to 90 degree paths. Minor additions to an excelent program!

I found a way to delete chips, and its pretty simple:

You drag the chip you want to delete into a blank workspace with no inputs, outputs, or anything else. Then, you create a chip with the same name as the one you are trying to delete. Because it's trying to replace the old chip, but the old chip is used inside of it, it will just get rid of the chip completely.


I found a way to slow down a timer but don't know how to rebuild it.

could you please post an image of the slowed-down timer so I can have a look at it and maybe tell you how to rebuild it? also that could be pretty useful for some projects!


So I was just wondering if any knew if we could make our own versions and make our versions downloadable. I ask because while I know little about unity I am willing to learn, and with the help of others and help of the internet. I wonder if we could keep updating the sim since it seems like an abended project. So if anyone knows or even willing to help me please comment on this comment.


Fork the source code from his Github mentioned in the description.


I downloaded the simulator and I tried opening it and I got a message saying that my computer wasn't sure if it was free of malware. Did anyone else get that message after you tried to open it on your computer(I have a MacBook pro). 


i dont want to pay


You don't need to!


Im playing it rn with no issues. Trend Micro maximum says its fine.

how do I make more space to fit my 32 or 16 bit adder chip?

going to see if I can add this feature since it is technically open source 

How to get the decimal showing up  pls help

While moussing over the the sides where you add the input and outputs hit the plus or minus button to add inputs/outputs to your group.

i think i might have broke something.

i created a cricuit and it worked as intended but then i "create" it into a logic gate and it stopped working.

i even put the circuit i made in raw along side the "gate" and the raw circuit still works while the "gate" does not.

if your wondering what my 'Tri_logic' thing is.
it's basically an ... 'and'+'not or'+'exclusive or' all mixed together.

bottom = 'not or'
center = 'and'
top = 'exclusive or'

in this case i was using the 'not or' functionality for a flip_flop which would have been used to created a clock but that when i discovered that the flip_flop wasn't functional XD.

video of the problem.

help i have no idea how to make a Nand

i watched the vid

first place 2 inputs then place an and gate connect the and gate to the 2 inputs then connect the output of the and gate then connect it to a not gate then put an out put and connect the output of the not gate to the output and label this chip a Nand

i made a 32 bit adder but it wont fit

hey i wish that he could add a delete button sometimes i accidentally make something then realize a flaw then i can't remove it so please add a delete feature for some chips

delete is backspace, should probs say that though


He means created chips(Where you drag them up from) Im looking for the same thing now as well

The only way I have found to do this is to go into the save files and delete them manually on windows you can get there by going to your "C" drive/main drive going to "Users" going to "App data" than "LocalLow" than "Sebastian Lague"  from here go to the "SaveData" folder here you should see all of your saves from here you can delete those if you want but if you just want to delete the chip than enter the save you wished for it to be deleted in from here you should see all your chips with their names delete the one you want to get rid of than go into the  "WireLayout" folder and delete it there too 

thanks im on linux so I'll have to search the files. At least now I know what file im looking for lol

hey what i meant from when i want to delete chip i want to delete some that could be mistakes that you either dont need again

I bought your software but it doesn't work I  have only 2 logic gate and nothing else


Two logic gates are all you need! With them, you can create an OR gate using an AND gate with NOT inputs and a NOT output, then you can start building whatever the heck you want!


I made a 16 bit register






made a thing 


so i did alllll that work for nothing. it won't fit.


sounds like a good feature request to allow scrolling

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or zooming out(but scrolling would probably be easier)


1 bit 2 bit 4 bit 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit 64 bit 128 bit 256 bit 512 BIT 1024 BIT 2028 BIT 4056 BIT 8112 16224 BIT

1 bit 2 bit 4 bit 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit 64 bit 128 bit 256 bit 512 bit 1 024 bit 2 048 bit 4 096 bit 8 192 bit 16 384 bit 32 768 bit 65 536 bit 131 072 bit

Thank u for posting that 260 days ago.

Anybody got a solution?

So i found the solution. Apparently i needed to open task manager, find digital logic sim, right click and click maximize.

How can i use this? In my windows 7 desktop this is just a folder and if i click it it shows me only may data an the computer, can someone help me?

(OS: Windows 7 Home Professional)

i have got the same problem

Try to find a .exe file named something like 'logicsim.exe' and run it. Make sure to keep it in the folder.

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